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Move Better, Play Better: Improving Biomechanics for Athletes

Biomechanics is an entire field of study dedicate to optimizing movement – you’d be surprised at just how much small changes can improve your motion, especially if you’re a sportsperson or athlete. This week, let’s learn a bit about Biomechanics, and why it matters!   What is Biomechanics? Biomechanics is a multidisciplinary field that combines… Read more »

Here’s How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Be More Active

The end of January is in sight! If you’ve been getting more active this month or sticking to a diet – well done!! Did you know that many sources cite about one month as the time it takes to form a healthy habit? The key now is sticking to it, and around this time of… Read more »

Can an Adjustment Improve My Athletic Performance?

It’s sunny out and that means it’s time to get active – even better, most outdoor activities are now allowed again (even if there’s still some restrictions on numbers), meaning that for many of us it’s finally possible to return to the sports and activities we love. Perhaps though, you’ve gotten a bit stiff, a… Read more »