Headaches are one of the most common issues we see at the clinic. Like back pain, Headaches come in a wide variety of types and can vary significantly in terms of their severity. No matter the kind of headache you are suffering with, however, it’s a disruptive, upsetting and painful experience – one which we can help you recover from!



No matter the type of headache, they are always a sign that something in the body isn’t right. The causes can vary from the more innocent ones such as bad posture, jaw problems or eye strain to more serious conditions.

While many headache types, such as migraine, appear to be standalone conditions, the fact that many people now spend all day in front of a computer screen (and then countless hours with their head bent forward staring at their phone or tablet) means it’s hardly surprising that one of the most common conditions we now treat are headaches that actually arise from neck pain – also known as “Cervicogenic Headaches”. In fact, it is estimated that between 0.5% to 2.5% of the population experience Cervicogenic Headaches while it increases up to 20% of patients in pain management clinics.[1]

The pain experienced that originates from the neck can be moderate to severe and vary from a dull ache to pressure or tension. It can be felt at the back of the skull, in the temples or at the front or on top of the head. It can but is not always associated with neck tension and pain. Headaches can be triggered from the head being in an awkward or sustained position and tender points in the back of the skull and neck often occur alongside.

Cervicogenic Headaches can arise from neck traumas, falls or poor posture that cause misalignments in the neck vertebra and results in nerve irritation and strained muscles and ligaments. When the muscles and ligaments become strained, pain is referred to the head.

Migraine headache, perhaps the other most common condition we see at the clinic can be explored more here.



Chiropractic treatment often provides instant relief for patients who have had headaches for years, and Chiropractic Biophysics treatment can be especially helpful for individuals whose headaches are related to long periods of poor posture. Unfortunately, many of these patients will have been taking various medications or injections for years with little long-term relief by the time they eventually reach our clinic.  This is a real shame, since all the way back in  1995 a randomised study showed that when comparing Amitryptilline to spinal manipulation for headaches, the spinal manipulation group to had fewer side effects and better longer-term benefit.[2]

Treatment for headache begins with a detailed assessment of when, where and how your headaches occur or may be triggered – this analysis allows us to categories your headache, and its likely cause. In most cases, X-rays will be used to identify any areas of the spine which may be culpable in your headaches, meaning treatment can be directed where it is needed most from the very start.


Why Choose Complete Chiropractic

Headaches are a common condition, but one which can be complicated to treat. Since there are many possible causes for headaches, getting to the root cause and making a proactive change there is the only route to long term resolution. As a fully equipped clinic with all the necessary facilities on site we are also able to use appropriate imaging techniques, such as X-rays to rule causes in, or out and quickly home in on the true source of pain. Many clients also find that regular Chiropractic maintenance care can help to prevent headaches from reoccurring, especially if the source of the pain turns out to be a factor you cannot alter – such as your job.



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