Clinic fees

This schedule of fees was updated on 15/11/2021. Please remember that fees are payable on the day of treatment, unless you opt for a pre-paid discount treatment plan.

We accept cash, or debit and credit card. We do not charge a credit card processing fee.



Initial consultation & Report of Findings               £85

Includes intake questionnaires & detailed medical history, orthopaedic and neurological tests and a chiropractic examination.

Reactivation consultation            £45

Includes re-assessment, orthopaedic, neurological tests & chiropractic examination  (Suitable for previous patients of Complete Chiropractic only)

Initial consultation only          £70

Initial consultation only  (does not include additional tests)

Computerised Postural analysis     £60

Includes Postural analysis only

Pain and disability insight questionnaires and analysis   £50

Includes appropriate questionnaires as directed by your insurer


If you are a new patient please note we offer a special offer at a discount here!




One region         £40

Two or more regions     £80

Digital Copies    £10

Any X-Rays taken are the property of Complete Chiropractic and their safekeeping and maintenance will be in accordance with the current legal requirements.



Adults   £39

Children over 14 & Students       £35

Children under 14            £30




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