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Chiropody vs. Chiropractic – Understanding the Differences and Benefits

When it comes to caring for your body, you have numerous options, and sometimes, the terminology can get a bit confusing. Chiropody and Chiropractic are two fields which sound like they might be similar, but are actually quite different. While the names may sound similar and they can both help with a few similar issues,… Read more »

What Happens When You Hear a “CRACK” in Your Spine?

Chiropractors like to see themselves as spinal care specialists – and this is fair, we spend years in tertiary education studying the spine and it’s surrounding structures. We’ll be honest though, we know that for most people, were “back crackers” – after all, that’s what we’re best known for. So this week let’s answer the… Read more »

How You Can “Un-Pinch” a Nerve

Have you ever suffered from a pinched nerve? Most people who have would agree that it’s not exactly a lot of fun – some who suffer from this issue only experience mild discomfort, but for many, the experience can be debilitating. If you’ve found this blog because you’re suffering with one right now, don’t worry… Read more »