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Should you be Stretching?

Stretching before a workout is a critical part of any fitness routine. Whether you’re lifting weights, running, or doing yoga, a good stretching routine can help you prevent injury, increase flexibility, and improve your overall performance – but it’s not just workouts that benefit from regular stretching!    What is stretching? Of course you know… Read more »

What’s more important  – strength, or flexibility?

Strength and flexibility are both keys to health – without enough strength, the body cannot perform at its peak, whether that means standing upright all day without pain, or benching 100kgs! Flexibility is critical for easy and pain-free movement – without enough flexibility, our range of motion can be reduced, and our “Pain-free” range of… Read more »

Want to end back pain? You need to get moving!

Chiropractic adjustments, as well as therapies such as sports massage, sports therapy and acupuncture can be fantastic approaches for dealing with existing pain. These same approaches can also be a real boost to your ability to avoid further problems going forward – however, we’ll tell you a secret. NONE of these approaches can help you… Read more »