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Over 65? See your chiropractor, you’ll be in good company!

At Complete Chiropractic, we focus very much on our credentials as a family clinic – were here for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. It’s no secret though that as we age, back, neck and shoulder pain – those maladies which chiropractors are most famous for treating  – become more of an issue. So… Read more »

Back Pain and the elderly – Chiropractic can help!

Back pain is a common condition among older adults and as our population ages, its only likely to become a more common issue. Chiropractic care has been shown to be one of the most effective methods for dealing with back pain in general, but the results with older patients are particularly good. Chiropractors, unlike some… Read more »

Preventing osteoarthritis – some easy tips!

Healthy cartilage – the body’s built in shock absorber which can be found in all of our joints, is essential to staying fit, active and healthy throughout life, but too often we take it for granted! Aging, wear and tear and injury can all cause  degeneration in the cartilage, often leading to a condition known… Read more »