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Scoliosis awareness month – June 2019

As regular clients and readers will be aware, in 2017 we opened our sister clinic, the UK Scoliosis Clinic to provide a specialist service for individuals suffering from a common, but often overlooked condition – scoliosis. Like most conditions, scoliosis can be treated most easily when it is identified early, and with this in mind… Read more »

June is Scoliosis awareness month!

Scoliosis is a serious condition which can cause discomfort, disability and eventually require major surgery if left untreated. Catching scoliosis early makes it much easier to treat, so this week please take a moment to read this quick primer on scoliosis and pass it on to those you care about. [Please note this article is… Read more »

Get the truth on Scoliosis – Mythbusting!

Scoliosis is a complex 3 dimensional condition that results in bending of the spine to one side, a rotation to the front or back and a straightening of the spine in the side view. The most common scoliosis in adolescence is thought to be idiopathic which means its exact cause is multi-factorial or unknown. As… Read more »