Back Pain

I no longer feel like a little old man!

I had been suffering from back pains for several years but assumed it was the result of working at a drawing board for many years. ( I’m now 78 ) Since retiring I had spent many happy hours working in my garden and allotment. I also took up golf, and had a regular weekly round with an ex work colleague. After a few years this all became too much and I, after several visits to a physiotherapist, gave up my by then, weedy allotment and reduced my physical activity to walking, gardening and a leisurely weekly visit to the gym. I also that found my neck was getting stiff and my ability to turn my head was getting worse. (Not very good when driving). There was no medication that was recommended, apart from pain killers, and the only way forward appeared to be repeat visits to my physiotherapist, which helped but only for a short period of time.

My wife had just become a patient at Complete Chiropractic and had been invited to a presentation and I went along to see what it was all about. I was very impressed by what I saw and heard and decided that it was what I also needed. I arranged an initial review. After being shown the results of the X-Ray and having it explained by Paul, I realized that drastic treatment was called for. My wife and daughter had been saying that I was beginning to look like a “Round shouldered little old man” and I could see why.

I signed up there and then and have been undergoing treatment since. Coming to the practice has become a way of life and a pleasure, the surroundings and staff are so friendly and welcoming. I have no problems with my neck and now can turn my head over 180 degrees with no pain. My back has improved such that I spend longer gardening and find breathing easier, (I am slightly asthmatic) particularly after I have had treatment.

With help from Paul and exercise, I am hoping to overcome my round shoulders, which will improve my breathing.

Finally thanks to COMPLETE CHIROPRACTIC, I am feeling less like a “round shouldered little old man” and would recommend them to anyone with similar problems.

Mr R. Moss


Relief from severe back pain

I suffered from severe back pain and lent to the left and forward. It caused me constant pain and immobility

I also have problems with my kidneys and high blood pressure.

I was recommended to Complete Chiropractic by a friend.  On my first visit I thought all the staff were professional, curtious and caring. Having received treatment the pain has now gone and the ease of movement has improved, I also have much more energy.


Chiropractic has been of huge benefit in such a short time.


Mr. S Cox


Playing golf again – without pain!

I have suffered lower back pain for a number of years. The problem caused me to give up football 2 years ago when my back completely locked up the day after the game.

I visited my GP who gave me strong pain killers and muscle relaxants. After a week I had some movement back and I went to a physio that I had seen many times before with various football related injuries.

I stopped playing and had 6 weeks of treatment – after which I was able to resume playing golf and tried football again. The 2nd game of football I played my back locked I went back to the pysio who told me it was a ligament clamping to a muscle which was causing the problem. The hard ground and the jarring action when you run is not helping and he advised me to refrain from playing football.

I was not experiencing any pain playing golf so we agreed it should be ok to continue but I decide to quit playing football.

Golf was fine for about a year until I was playing a 36 hole Essex County Competition and my back started to lock. I played on and finished the round, but the next morning I could hardly walk.

I decided that I had lost confidence in my pysio and started to look for other professional advice. After a quick search on the internet I saw an introductory offer at complete chiropractic the offer included x-rays.
I thought that this was perfect because I wanted to see exactly what the problem was.

I phoned up straight away and was greeted with a friendly professional service and made my appointment to see Dr Paul Irvine. Dr Irvine took x-rays, explained how his practice worked and talked through possible ways forward. I made a second appointment where he showed me the results of the x-rays.

It showed that the last disc at the base of the spine was being compressed and the vertebrae were closing together and clamping on the nerve which is what caused my back to lock.

I agreed to start a treatment plan with Dr Irvine straight away.

It is now 6-8 months on and although I could no play golf for 12-14 weeks I am now pain free and playing golf twice a week.

I would recommend chiropractic care to anyone and I just wish I had seen a chiropractor earlier, because I believe the disc at the base of my spine would not be as bad as it is now if I had!

Mr. D Grace


Feeling great – not my age!

I had a replacement hip in 2006, a stroke in early 2007 and then fell down a loft ladder and hurt my back and head. It was thought i had broken my back but it was just severely bruised.

I was mainly on pain killers of various strengths, sometimes they helped but not for long.

The pain affected everything i did, it got so bad that i was envying people who had died, and it was so awful.

Coming to complete chiropractic was the best thing I could have done.

Everyone was very friendly and they took an in-depth medical history. I had x-rays and when the results were shown to me I was pleased to know that they could help.

All this treatment happened in 2008 and i have continued to come to the clinic on a regular basis every 6-8 weeks to make sure I stay on top of things.

My family are delighted to have their old Mum/Nanna back and I am looking forward to celebrating my 80th birthday in April.

Don’t think that just because you are getting on a bit nothing can be done, it can. it gives you a new lease of life. There is very little now that I cant do except climb ladders (as i may not be so lucky next time).

Mrs. E Young

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