Chiropractic Osteopathy Physiotherapy

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Chiropractic is different than Osteopathy and Physiotherapy.  Although often grouped together as Complementary or Alternative therapies, each modality has its own distinct accredited study courses, qualifications and registration body.

There is a small amount of cross-over, where a practitioner may study to join two or more professions but in the main, a practitioner is only qualified and registered with one of the professions.

Chiropractic differs from Osteopathy and Physiotherapy through a focus upon the nervous system and its relationship in particular with the spine.  The treatment that a Chiropractor provides is called a Spinal Adjustment.  The spinal adjustment is designed to safely and effectively correct spinal misalignment (also referred to as a vertebral subluxation).   No other profession is trained in the safe and effective spinal adjustment.

Chiropractors tend to have a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, and will promote healthy eating, emotional health and exercise.

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Discover details about our special offer here