Back Pain Help

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If Back Pain is getting you down then Chiropractic could be the answer for you.  Although Chiropractors help people with a whole variety of musculo skeletal problems and health concerns, the number one reason people visit us in Chelmsford is due to back pain.

Dr Paul Irvine, our Principle Chiropractor at Complete Chiropractic is Chelmsford has many years of experience in helping people recover from both chronic and acute back pain.  If you have low back pain, mid back pain or upper back pain then its very likely we can help.

Simply call our clinic today on  (01245) 358742 to talk with us about an appointment.  We can normally see you within 48 hours and may have ’emergency’ appointment slots available on the same day.


Chiropractic is backed up by research to prove its effectiveness in treating back pain.