Neck & Shoulder Pain

Walking tall – Pain free!

I had been suffering from neck and shoulder tension for the last 18 months, and also felt some fatigue. the general background pain was making life feel a little uncomfortable.

I visited my GP who gave me a course of inflammatory medication and an x-ray.

I decided to search the internet for alternative help and did a little research on chiropractic.

On my first visit everything was explained very clearly and concisely by Dr Paul Irvine. the meeting was very open and friendly and he advised what chiropractic could and could not do for me.

I now have decreased muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, together with better postural technique. a feeling of being able to walk tall in mind and body.

Two additional x-rays have been taken and they showed there was structural changes & the spine has regained its natural shape.

Mr. S Higgon

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