Migraine and Headaches

I rarely get migraines now – I feel like me again!

4 ½ years ago I suffered with migraines which gradually got worse. I had symptoms of chronic headaches with aura, pains around my face and eyes which sometimes became swollen. I had sickness, extreme tiredness, slurred speech and also confusion.

I was taking at least 3 days a month off work and had to spend the day in darkness.

I started with over the counter medicines and then prescription medication, one being antripaline. This made me feel like a zombie and I couldn’t function at all. With a job and a child I stopped taking them. I also tried an osteopath.

Knowing I couldn’t put with it any longer I finally went along to Complete Chiropractic, where my brother is a patient. He has been trying to get me to go there for 2 years.

Within 4 months the intensity of the migraines were reduced and just over a year later I rarely get them. The quality of my life has really changed for the better and I feel like me again.

I also suffered with lower back pain since having my daughter 13 years ago. Medication, physiotherapy and acupuncture did little to help. I knew my posture was bad but did not know how to correct it.

Complete Chiropractic helped and I am now able to do simple things around the house, including the gardening, which I could not do before.

I am now aware of how I am with my posture, which has helped me a great deal.

I am very pleased that I went and couldn’t rate it highly enough.

Mrs. T Greaves


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