Relieve tension, aches and pains with Sports Rehab and Massage at Complete Chiropractic

Deep tissue and Sports massage promotes recovery from injury through releasing tension and toxins from the muscles and other soft tissues. Often used as an essential part of pre-event preparation and post-competition recovery. Sports massage has no side effects and helps athletes of all levels and ages.

Whether yours is a localised soft tissue injury or linked to a long standing postural / bio-mechanical imbalance, Deep Tissue Sports Massage can release the build up of tension and provide essential support for your training preparation.

Jacqui Eade is our excellent Massage Therapist and Rehab Specialist.  

To book an appointment with Jacqui call us today on (01245) 358 742.

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We offer chiropractic care - an all natural way to alleviate many back pain related symptoms.

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