Back Pain

Is the most common reason that people will consult our chiropractic clinic in Chelmsford. For some the pain may be of acute and sudden onset, while for others it may be chronic and something that they may have lived with for many years.

The first and most important point is to find out what the cause of the back pain is and if chiropractic can help you. Pain in the lower back can develop from damage and irritation to the structures of the lower back including the muscle’s, ligaments, discs, bone’s and nerves.

This often results from the constant stresses and strains placed upon the body due to poor posture, hours of sitting incorrectly at the desk or in the car, poor bending and lifting techniques. In some cases back pain may result from a significant trauma such as a car accident, fall or lifting event but in most cases it is due to the accumulation of micro-trauma’s where tissues have been damaged over many years through poor spinal mechanics.

Many people often accept back pain as a normal part of life and have been told that nothing can be done and to take the pain killers and go away and live with it! In so many cases this is not true and since 1999 we have helped thousands of people in Essex get their lives back on track.

Once the cause of the back pain has been determined, we can then determine the right treatment for you. Chiropractic treatment will often include gentle spinal manipulation/adjustments to help get stiff spinal joints moving better and relive pressure upon tissues and nerves. This is combined with an appropriate stretching & strengthening programme to aid in the recovery process.

It is vital that a preventative approach is taken so that the risk of future problems and exacerbations are minimised.



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