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Spinal manipulation therapy is effective, says study!

By far the majority of patients that we see here at the clinic are suffering from back pain – and the largest chunk of those struggle with low back pain. While there’s much more to what chiropractors (and especially multidisciplinary clinics like Complete Chiropractic) have to offer, it’s likely that if you’ve been to a… Read more »

Is Chiropractic effective for neck pain in older adults?

Neck pain is, well… if you’ll pardon the pun, a real pain in the neck! All joking aside, neck pain  is a leading cause of disability affecting over 350 million people worldwide as of 2015.[1] At present, it is currently thought that neck pain is of the highest prevalence in older populations, so this week… Read more »

What is Cervicogenic dizziness, and how can we treat it?

Most of us know that neck pain can be not only a symptom of an issue somewhere along the spine, but for some, neck pain is also associated with some other unpleasant and unhelpful symptoms, one of which is dizziness. Chiropractors call this Cervicogenic dizziness. This week, let’s look at what causes Cervicogenic dizziness and… Read more »