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Changes to fees

As we’re sure you’ll understand, from time to time is necessary for us to adjust our fee structure to remain competitive and adjust for inflation. During the pandemic, we’ve made every effort to keep prices at the clinic down, however it is now time for us to adjust our pricing slightly. We’ve kept the increase… Read more »

Happy Halloween! (Chiro Style)

Happy Halloween! While we usually try to keep our blogs on topic, we wanted to take the opportunity to do something a bit more light-hearted this week – especially after another year which has been a bit tough on all! Therefore, this week, Complete chiropractic presents 10 facts you didn’t know about Halloween (Chiro style)… Read more »

Over 65? See your chiropractor, you’ll be in good company!

At Complete Chiropractic, we focus very much on our credentials as a family clinic – were here for everyone from the youngest to the oldest. It’s no secret though that as we age, back, neck and shoulder pain – those maladies which chiropractors are most famous for treating  – become more of an issue. So… Read more »