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What is foam rolling?

Have you tried foam rolling? If you have, you’ll know it hurts… you’ll also know it can reduce pain during movement, reduce stiffness and perhaps even improve performance – so, should we all be foam rolling?   What is foam rolling? If this all sounds new to you, let’s catch you up – Foam rolling… Read more »

Types of headache, and what causes them

Many people visit the chiropractor to tackle headaches – they’re an incredibly common problem but one which can be debilitating if allowed to get out of control. Did you know, however, that all headaches are not the same and understanding which kind of headache you’re suffering with can help to narrow down the cause and… Read more »

How to Get Rid of a Stiff Neck

A “stiff neck” is one of those conditions which we’ve all experienced at some point, but may well have struggled to properly explain. “stiff” means something different to everyone, and the degree to which it interferes with your everyday life can also vary a lot – this week, we’re learning how to “unstiffen” that neck!… Read more »