Sports Therapy

At Complete Chiropractic we believe in long lasting health and wellbeing – we take a global approach to all of our treatment plans and our sports therapy services are no different! Over the years we have worked with a wide variety of clients participating in a wide variety of sports at all levels of professionalism. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional athlete, Complete Chiropractic can tailor a treatment plan to fit your needs and goals.

Sports therapy clients at complete chiropractic benefit not just from the knowledge and experience of our in house sports therapists, but also from the chiropractic, sports massage and postural correction and optimisation facilities right here at the clinic. Unlike many clinics therefore, we are ideally positioned to assist you in diagnosing an treating an injury, but most importantly we can prescribe proactive, ongoing treatment and prevention plans to stop the issue reoccurring.

The availability of our cutting-edge diagnostic tools also allow us to identify potential areas where problems might develop in the future, long before any physical symptoms occur. As with anything, dealing with minor postural issue now, for example, might prevent a serious injury further down the road.


Preventative / optimisation care

In addition to sports therapy as a tool for rehabilitation and healing, we are also able to provide clients with care designed to optimise performance and eliminate minor complaints which may be preventing you from operating at your physical peak.

Although physical activity is hugely beneficial to the body, most sporting pursuits put strain on the body which can accumulate over time and eventually cause problems. In addition, intensive training can lead to physical underperformance which may itself increase your vulnerability to injury. Many sports injuries start out life as a minor issue, which left untreated eventually becomes serious, or arise as a consequence of another issue. For example, postural imbalances often lead to asymmetric movement when performing resistance exercises – over time, this may lead to strain or injury.

Sports therapy alongside our complementary services can help avoid these kinds of problems developing by:

  • Identifying postural issues
  • Increasing soft tissue permeability
  • Stretching and relieving tension in areas not possible with normal stretching techniques
  • Breaking down scar tissue
  • Improving range of motion
  • Improving tissue elasticity
  • Promoting a sense of health and wellbeing
  • Pain reduction
  • Promoting emotional wellbeing


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