Neck and Shoulder Pain

People choose to see a Chiropractor for many reasons.  For some its to relieve spinal and joint pain, some people visit for maintaining their spinal health and for others its for optimum sports performance.

Because Chiropractic focuses on the entire body, people often find relief from common neck and shoulder pains.

The delicate nerves in the neck (cervical spine) can become irritated and inflamed due to various daily stresses or one off accidents.  One such stress is forward head posture, where the head has jutted an inch or two forward of its natural position.  This leads to a loss of neck curve and the neck muscles are recruited to work harder to support the head. The natural result is increased muscle tension, stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulders and upper arms.

Gentle Chiropractic spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy can release the muscle tension and start to correct the postural problem.  This of course eases the pain but more importantly starts the process to get the shape of the neck back to how it should be.  Combined with exercise the results can be very positive.

Next steps to effective pain relief…

If you’re suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain its a great idea to come and see us.  We can assess the problem and give you an accurate diagnosis with recommendations.

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