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World Spine Day 2019

It’s now October (hasn’t that flown by!) and that means its nearly time for world spine day once again. World spine day is an excellent opportunity raise awareness about the importance of spinal health, and, more importantly, what we can do about it!   World spine day World spine day takes place on October 16… Read more »

Does chiropractic care reduce opioid use?

Whether your painful complaint consists mainly of back, neck shoulder or even hip pain, for many non-chiropractic practitioners drugs, usually painkillers are the first weapon of choice when it comes to treatment. While short term use of common medicines such as Ibruprofen may provide relief and come at a fairly low risk, far too many… Read more »

Back pain, and how to beat it – Part 3

Last week, we looked at some of the treatment options for back pain, and especially low back pain. Hopefully we busted the myth that drugs are the only way to go – but this week, let’s look at an even better option, how can we prevent back pain from occurring in the first place?  … Read more »