Car accident and injury

After being in a car accident, you are often more concerned about the state of the car and the wellbeing of other occupants rather than how you immediately feel. When adrenaline and other stress hormones start running through your body, initial injuries aren’t always obvious and it is often not for several days that symptoms start to emerge.

Car crashes that occur at as little as 5mph can result in significant tissue damage. The damage to the car can often only appear minor while the damage to the occupants can be significant. Modern cars are designed to absorb some of the impact as one vehicle strikes another, but much of the impact is still transferred to the occupant’s bodies as they are thrown forward and back. A good analogy is that of a box of eggs being dropped, the box can look fine from the outside, but once open the damage to the eggs can be seen.

Many, but not all occupants will experience symptoms following road traffic accidents, it is

often worse when occupants are in a stationary car and unaware of the oncoming impact.

Typically, symptoms will start with stiffness and aching as the initial shock subsides followed by neck & shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, muscle spasms, dizziness and pins and needles.

The symptoms that result from damage to the body from car accidents  can last from a few weeks to months or become chronic problems lasting  for years when appropriate treatment is not given.

The biomechanics of a Whiplash injury result in the C-shaped neck curve being buckled as the head is thrown forward and back altering the shape of the spine due to ligament and soft tissue damage. X-rays that study the movement of the neck are often helpful when damage to spinal ligaments is suspected.

It is important that a thorough examination is performed following road traffic accidents to ascertain the severity of damage and tissues affected so that the right treatment can be given when necessary.

At our clinic we focus on helping you get back to normal function as quickly as possible, by helping you to ease the symptoms, restoring the mobility and then correcting any underlying or residual problems.

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