Back Pain Relief

Many people first come to see our Chiropractor in Chelsmford to help overcome pain.  Back pain, neck pain, back pain, migraines, shoulder pain and sciatica (leg pain) are the most common reasons.

It’s important to explain that Chiropractic does not simply treat pain but in fact treats the underlying causes of many types of pain and symptoms that are associated with musculo-skeletal dysfunction, poor posture and the effects of stress.

The main type of treatment our Chiropractor provides is a spinal adjustment (often referred to as manipulation).  The spinal adjustment helps to restore function in the spine, relieve inflammation and muscle tension as well as removing nerve compression.  The normal short term reaction to the spinal adjustment is a reduction in pain.

To help you recover quicker, our Chiropractor will provide the latest self-help advice to reduce pain, such as how to use ice packs effectively, specific exercises to help improve your posture along with essential lifestyle recommendations if appropriate.

Research published in the British Medical Journal that demonstrates the benefit of Chiropractic for relieving pain includes;

BEAM trial 2004.

TW Meade 1990 & follow up study 1995.

The NICE guidelines (2009) also recommend spinal manipulation for persistent lower back pain.

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We offer chiropractic care - an all natural way to alleviate many back pain related symptoms.

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